Our Business Intelligence reports are tailor made and contain data about improper business action

Customer Satisfaction

"... the data which we got from HofmannConsult about this client from St. Petersburg were excellent and precisely what we expected"…. (a Bavarian automotive supplier).

…after receiving your report about this Chinese company, we are totally happy” (a German machinetool manufacturer).

Statements like these come from the needs oriented reports. In case there are open questions, they go back to the analyst who was researching for the report.

Our reporting is much more that formal reports about credit ratings in western standardization. They give an insight into business behavior and processes (such as following legal situation) in CIS countries and China. This makes our reports more comprehensive and valuable than the routine reporting of well known western institutions. Our representatives collect data locally, sometimes even pass by at the researched institution and premises for first hand information. Since our expert are familiar with local business practices, they are in the position to value the data, and redundant data are not prepared. The classical types of reports are:

Market Analysis

  • for Consumer Products, Investment Products, Services.

Business Intelligence about Companies

  • Registration of Company
  • Market position, Business Environment, Partnerships
  • Reputation of the Company and its Management
  • Financial data, such as real sales, balance sheets, profit and loss statements
  • Relationship to the Internal Revenue Service
  • Payment behavior, Creditability
  • Court rulings, track record concerning legal action

Business Intelligence about Persons

  • Identification Data and CV
  • Real private addresses, private partnering, marital status
  • Present position in company, professional qualification
  • Total assets of company, private assets (Real Estate)
  • Legal integrity, involvement in criminal action
  • Relationship to the IRS, keeping contracts, breeching contracts, court rulings

Finding the best possible Business Partner

  • You define the optimum profile of the desired business partner, and we look fort he relevant company with the profile wanted.
  • Our publication Partnercheck describes, which type of information is most important to know before business negotiations are started.

In order to expedite an order, it is necessary to give us the relevant tax declaration number (INN) of the company and describe the type information needed. The standardized data content most often requested are in our list of Buisiness Intelligence about Comapanies. As soon as we have agreed on the final content we give you a formal offer concerning price and delivery time. Of course we will also give you some advice about specific content and the tolerance level of quality if possible. For international orders we ask for 70% of order value in advance, and the rest after 10 days of delivery.

Partnering in the CIS, Eastern Europe, and China

To enter complex markets like the CIS or China make it necessary to include partnerships in the business strategy. In order to save time and money, and to avoid critical losses in market entry, we envisage the following:

  • We assume that your market entry strategy logically requires a certain profile about distribution systems and their partners needed.
  • Your Marketing Mix (Products / Services, Pricing / Conditions of payment, Distribution Systems, Communication Mix) for your strategic Market segments should lead to the necessary amount and type of distribution partners.

Data such as the following should then be defined, may be as “need to have” or as “nice to have”:

  • Geographic area
  • Demographic criteria like size of company, Product portfolio, Markets served, competitive situation, Service capabilities etc.),
  • Competence and reputation in target markets, Service orientation,
  • Specific skills and know how in the industry,
  • Management, ownership, creditability,
  • Risk management (criminal action, court rulings against owners etc.), integrity, etc.

This could be a base to filter out concrete companies, which then could be screened in depth.

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We cover the following countries:

Business Intelligence Asia

  • China (Metropolitan Areas)

Business Intelligence CIS

  • Russian federation
  • Armenia
  • Azerbaidzhan
  • Georgia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kurdistan
  • Moldavia
  • Russia
  • Tadzhikistan
  • Turkmenistan
  • Ukraine
  • Uzbekistan
  • Belarus

Business Intelligence Baltics

  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania

Business Eastern Europe

  • Romania