Partnering in the CIS, Eastern Europe, and China

To enter complex markets like the CIS or China make it necessary to include partnerships in the business strategy. In order to save time and money, and to avoid critical losses in market entry, we envisage the following:

  • We assume that your market entry strategy logically requires a certain profile about distribution systems and their partners needed.
  • Your Marketing Mix (Products / Services, Pricing / Conditions of payment, Distribution Systems, Communication Mix) for your strategic Market segments should lead to the necessary amount and type of distribution partners.

Data such as the following should then be defined, may be as “need to have” or as “nice to have”:

  • Geographic area
  • Demographic criteria like size of company, Product portfolio, Markets served, competitive situation, Service capabilities etc.),
  • Competence and reputation in target markets, Service orientation,
  • Specific skills and know how in the industry,
  • Management, ownership, creditability,
  • Risk management (criminal action, court rulings against owners etc.), integrity, etc.

This could be a base to filter out concrete companies, which then could be screened in depth.

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