Business Intelligence for China

We have included China into our portfolio after several quality checks. The research is so far focused on Metropolitan Areas.

Typical contents are the following types of data: (reporting language is English):

  • Executive Summary
  • Company Registration Data (including pictures of office on demand)
  • Address Data, Bank relationships
  • Nature of Business
  • Ownership, Share Holders
  • Management Structure
  • Company History
  • Company Affiliations, Offices
  • Markets Served
  • Legal Representative Check
  • Personal Information about Key Persons
  • Civil Litigation
  • Regulatory Check (legal matters, criminal activities)
  • Financial situation, facts about creditability
  • Other data if specified in the individual request of a client.

We want to stress at this point that our data are collected through the meticulous work of specialists, and not via routine type retrievals from data bases which sometimes are even supported by the relevant business.

Prices vary from those about Eastern Europe and the CIS Conditions of payment are also 70% of order value in advance, the rest of 30% ten days after delivery.

Please send us a mail about your situation, and the type of data needed. The turn around time for sending a formal offer may be five working days.