Our service portfolio is based upon

  • Competence in the generation of Business Intelligence for your Risk Management for difficult markets like the CIS, Eastern Europe, and China.
    We know how to value data about companies, actual management practices, and the background of business leaders. We also care about data making shadow economy processes more transparent.
  • Marketing Competence.
    We have successfully reengineered the strategy and marketing focus of CMCs in developing markets. Key element was the filtering our of relevant market segments. Our experience of directing field sales helps us in implementing those strategies. Up-to-date management tools such as Balanced Score Card or Total Cost of Customers, and Customer Relationship Management are part of our project work.
  • Competence in Financial Issues
    Any marketing activity must be financially sound, according to our believe: „Every manager should act as a finance manager“. Objectives which do not lend themselves to a quantitative transformation, are considered as „wishes“. So, market segments must be profitable as well.
  • Social Competence.
    New processes must be accepted by all the staff, and managers must have the right personality to lead. Especially in developing markets this is a challenge which takes considerable insight in local cultures and structures.
    Imported procedures may be to the detriment of the well functioning of enterprises.

Most of our publications are in German, since German publishers placed the request for publishing. As a special request we could translate their summary into English language (PDF Download):