Business Intelligence and Marketing Consulting for The CIS, Eastern Europe, and China

You will minimize your business risk in the CIS, Eastern Europe, and China using our business intelligence about persons and companies:

  • You will avoid useless negotiations with doubtful prospects,
  • You will expedite your process of finding the right partners,
  • You can assess your potential partners much better,
  • You will know if your potential partners abide to the law,
  • You will save valuable time in entering markets.

Projects, Transactions, Business models, Business relationships will be handled with much higher efficiency.

Take a look at the data we usually research about:

Business Intelligence about Companies

Business Intelligence about Persons

We have long term experience how to collect and evaluate relevant business data from.

  • Workshops, Training sessions, Coaching in Russia, Bulgaria Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Estonia
  • Teaching assignments at international business schools
  • Market entry consulting for the chamber of commerce in Bavaria, Germany.

Our teams of experts has access to data about persons and companies which are very difficult to reach for the individual company. The intricate knowledge about local business procedures allow us to find relevant data for your risk management.

Send us your problem situation, we work out proposals and send you an offer with prices and proposed contents of data.

Our portfolio of data is listed under Business Intelligence CIS / China.


„…the detailed analysis of potential business contacts is essential for your risk management in the CIS and China …”

Helmut G. Hofmann